Waddesdon Manor

CV8 50th Anniversary:  Details on Costs.

Access to grounds is free for exhibiting cars, that is people in Jensens. People will be issued with a pass by the National Trust (NT), the pass is for the car and the people in it. Please register with us in advance for the passes as they will not be available on the day.
Access to house for exhibitors is at a reduced group rate of £7.20 so no other discounts.  Please confirm the rate for Under 5s with us if you are bringing small children into the house.


Non Jensen drivers: as non-exhibitors the usual prices apply:

Entrance to gardens etc. but not house (from the main NT website)
Adult: £7.20, Child: £4.00, NT: free, Under 5s: free
The Waddesdon website gives prices inclusive of 10% gift aid donation but also quotes a family rate of £20.50 which is not mentioned on the main NT website.
Entrance to House and gardens etc. (from NT not Waddesdon website)
Adult: £15.40, Child: £11.70
Dinner, Saturday 28th July at Waddesdon Manor

“Manor Restaurant”, 3 courses £37.50 (drinks not included).


The above information is correct to the best of our knowledge but we cannot accept responsibility for different prices on the day.
John Staddon, CV8 Registrar:   jstaddon@ttsp.com