Pre-War Jensens

From the beginning until World War 2

This is Clark Gable with a 1936 Jensen-Ford. Jensen started out building bodies on other companies chassis, mainly Ford V8s.

  • The White Lady

    The White Lady is the name given to the prototype tourer that led to the first Jensens, the 3.5 Litre models. This car used the Ford V-8 engine and transmission in a chassis of the Jensen brothers' own design, although the production cars used a strengthened version of the Ford chassis. The car survives in Germany.


  • The 3.5 Litre Drop-Head Coupe

    There were also Open Tourer and Saloon versions


  • The S-Type Continental

    The 1938 S-Type Continental Touring Saloon. Price: £720.00 ex-works.


  • The 4 1/2 Litre H-Type Saloon and Tourer


    At the 1938 Earls Court Motor Show Jensen were showing the 3.5 Litre and the new, upmarket 4¼ Litre models. The latter sported a longer wheelbase and the Nash overhead-valve straight-eight engine. With the chassis numbers prefixed with the letter H, these cars are referred to as H-Types.

    Regarding the new 4¼ litre model, on 25th October, 1938, The Motor stated: 'It is felt that the man who is prepared to pay a fairly high price for a car is entitled to expect that he may use it to the best possible advantage no matter what the road conditions may be. Similarly, it is fair to presume that such a buyer may wish to do quite a lot of his motoring on the Continent or still further overseas. Conditions encountered in this country are so much less severe than those to be found elsewhere, that the Jensen has been designed to cope with all emergencies.'

    The Early Jensen story will continue...