The Jensen GT – the Good Thinking car

The Jensen GT – the Good Thinking car

Jensen’s owner, Kjell Qvale wanted a car with the performance and economy of the Jensen-Healey but the up market appeal of the Interceptor, sales of which had slowed due to the fuel crisis. The result was the GT, based on the Jensen-Healey but with an estate body and a much more luxurious interior including a burr walnut dashboard. US cars had air-conditioning as standard, it being an option in the UK. The trim was a choice of a very 70s blue Paisley fabric, a more common corduroy or leather, the same fabric being used on the door cards.

The GT was launched alongside the Interceptor Coupe at the Earls Court Motor Show in 1975 while Jensen were in receivership, the last models to be launched by Jensen.

The five speed gearbox and rubber bumpers used on the last of the Healeys carried over onto the GT

Jensen’s PR company Good Relations came up with the slogan the ‘Good Thinking’ car in view of the fuel crisis. Given the current high prices of fuel the slogan is still appropriate.

Only 511 cars were produced before Jensen closed their doors for the final time in May 1976, of which 218 were right hand drive. There was one further GT built from an unfinished body shell bought from the receivers which was completed in 1987.