Jensen CV-8 1962-1966

Total production: 500

Author: Mike Williams and Stephen Carter
  • C-V8 - 1962

    First introduced in November 1962 as a replacement for the 541 models, the Eric Neale styled C-V8 used a new steel chassis designed by Kevin Beattie clad with a glass-fibre 4 seat body with two aluminium skinned doors. The 305 bhp Chrysler 361ci V8 engine with column operated Torqueflite 3 speed automatic gearbox gave effortless performance as did the 4 wheel servo assisted Dunlop disc brakes. Front seat belts were fitted as standard in the leather interior with the innovative use of Formica as a dashboard material in place of veneer. Production continued until November 1963 and the introduction of the C-V8 MkII.

  • C-V8 MkII - 1963

    The C-V8 MkII introduced in October 1963 was an improvement of the original with numerous detail changes to the bodywork and the addition to the chassis of Armstrong Selectaride 4 way electrically adjustable rear dampers. The 330 bhp Chrysler 383ci V8 engine replaced the previous 361ci version during production which continued until July 1965 with the introduction of the C-V8 MkIII.

  • C-V8 MkIII - 1965

    The C-V8 MkIII was introduced in June 1965 having many changes over the MkII including revised styling to headlamp size and surrounding bodywork, the deletion of chrome trims, a lowered scuttle with deeper windscreen, new bumpers and internal boot lid hinges. The interior now had new front seats with a walnut veneered dashboard and new layout, the heating and ventilation were improved and an electrically heated rear screen and dual circuit brakes were added. Production continued until December 1966.

  • C-V8 FF - 1965

    Working with Harry Ferguson Developments from 1962 this car was completed in 1965 and used as a development car incorporating 4 wheel drive and the Maxaret anti lock braking system but did not see production due to the introduction of the Vignale styled Interceptor and FF.