Interceptor “Cool Car 2010”

Coolest Car


WINS high profile Irish contest.


The “Top Gear” Festival/Road Show comes to Dublin on November 26-28th 2010. A Mark I Interceptor entered on the “Festival Cool Wall”  has rocketed into top spot and will be given prime position at the opening event.

Owner “Topcataviator” said:


It’s official . . . I have just had a call from the event organisers . . . WE WON . . . on Friday the Jensen has the honour of OPENING THE SHOW . . . it is going to be the FIRST car to drive around the “track” in view of the media . . . so loads of publicity for the marque . . . too excited to talk now I will update you all later Laughing 

The organiser’s comments: “Delighted to see an Irish-owned, British-built car winning”!  


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