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Date: 29 Sept 2020 V1.0

1.0 Introduction:

1.1 This Forum is provided by the Jensen Owners’ Club (hereinafter known as the Club or Club) for the enjoyment of Club members. Non-Club members are welcome to enjoy open areas of the forum but should appreciate that they are guests of the Club. Forum members are of all ages and backgrounds and other forum members should respect their views, opinions and sensibilities.

1.2 To assist in keeping the discussions on this forum courteous, and lawful, we have the following rules. If you don't agree with the rules, don’t use the forum.

1.3 The Club reserves the right to modify the forum rules at any time without notice. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure they are conversant with the current rules.

1.4 We are advised that, if damages were sought in law for injurious posts, not only the original poster but the system provider, Club, forum moderators and administrators could be at risk. Any post which the Club considers injurious will be deleted without warning.

1.5 The Forum is run by unpaid volunteers, in their leisure time. They do not have the free time to enter into lengthy debate about their actions and may not be available for immediate decisions. Please respect their position.

1.6 Failure to follow with these rules may result in temporary or permanent moderation (editing, freezing or removal) of some or all your posts and termination of your user status.

2.0 Forum Profiles, Usernames and Personal Details:

2.1 You will be required to provide your first and last name for our records when registering for access to the forum, but the club has no objection to the use of a pen name as a username.

2.2 The JOC Forum is an open forum and if you add your personal details, such as telephone number(s), or address(es) you do so at your own risk, however the forum moderators or administrators may contact you to confirm that you are happy for your personal details to remain.

2.3 The JOC welcomes business members to the forum where they may contribute specialist knowledge in response to topics raised. Business members must be clearly identified as such. Company names may be used as usernames. Company logos are permitted as profile photos (avatars). Signatures may be the registered company name or company logo but additional text in the signature such as contact details, email addresses, links to websites or wording that promotes a product or service will not be permitted.

2.4 Multiple forum registrations by one individual are not allowed.

3.0 Content:

3.1 When using this forum, you agree not to:

3.1.1 Post insulting, threatening or defamatory material or material likely to cause undue annoyance, provocation, upset or embarrassment to any reasonable person.

3.1.2 Name companies, or individuals, in relation to accusations of malpractice, fraud or other criminal or civil offences.

3.1.3 Use the forum to harass anyone, including but not limited to posting personal or private information and images.

3.1.4 Post pictures and personal data of children under the age of 13 without the consent of their parents/guardians.

3.1.5 Post material which infringes copyright or other intellectual property rights without permission from the copyright holder. When posting copyright material acknowledge the copyright holder. If we are notified that permission was not granted, your post/images will be removed.

3.1.6 Post material, or provide links to material, that may be considered pornographic, violent, racist, sexist, voyeuristic, offensive, unlawful, or otherwise contravenes reasonable standards of behaviour. Post words which may be considered vulgar or use alternative spellings to indicate such or to confuse the forum profanity filter.

3.1.7 Post content, links to websites, or post adverts, for commercial gain. Personal for sale postings are acceptable

3.1.8 Reproduce private emails or correspondence from others without permission.

3.1.9 Reproduce deleted or locked threads or posts, or start new threads discussing them.

3.1.10 Post chain letters, pyramid schemes, spam or a link to any file that contains viruses, corrupted files, ‘Trojan horses’, or any other contaminating or destructive features.

3.1.11 Post content that is critical of the Club, its members, or officials. If you have concerns or issues with anyone that holds a position within the club please write to the Club Chairman ( or General Secretary (

3.1.12 Post content in relation to Club elections/AGM outside of the members only area.

4.0 Forum Etiquette:

4.1 Do not be critical of other members’ posts or start threads designed to be critical of others. If you are unhappy with another post or with the conduct of a member, please refer to section 5.0 of these rules.

4.2 Refrain from political discussion or discussions regarding current affairs where the subject is likely to be contentious and remain focused on the purpose of the forum which is to discuss Jensen cars.

4.3 Ensure that any topic you create is posted in the correct area of the forum.

4.4 Don't quote the entire message that you're responding to, only the pertinent bit (use the ‘quote’ option).

4.4 Don’t change the subject of a post when replying.

4.5 Don’t post entire messages in CAPITALS, use excessive text speak, or unnecessary formatting.

4.6 Don’t double post (post the same message twice in one thread) or cross post (place the same message across several forum sections).

4.7 Do not post new problems on someone else's thread and interrupt a topic of discussion.

5.0 Disputes and Reporting Inappropriate Content:

5.1 Disputes:
5.1.1 If you do not agree with the actions of a forum administrator or moderator you may contact the JOC IT Secretary at who will attempt to resolve the issue, if the JOC IT Secretary is unable to help you may contact the Club General Secretary ( ) who will make a final decision.

5.2 Reporting Inappropriate Content:
5.2.1 If you feel the content of a post is inappropriate send an e-mail reporting the offending post, along with your username, to the moderator of the relevant forum. In most case the moderator will make a judgment as to whether the report is valid and will advise the user who reported the offence and other moderators and administrators of their decision and action taken. In the event of a dispute with the moderator you may contact the General Secretary ( who will make a final decision.

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Download a copy of these rules from here: Forum Rules V1.0 29SEPT2020