National Drive It Day


  1. RayW says:

    Fellow Sufferers,
    If your database were to share with me the contact information for the several other JOC Canadian members, there is yet time for me to arrange a simultaneous, Canadian Jensen Drive in the various Jensen hometowns across Canada.

    In view of Canada’s gargantuan geography & dear old Covid, we are unlikely to see one another FTF on April 25, but we might assemble an amusing set of images with some evocative backgrounds. These might then form the basis of a Canadian contribution to Jensen Magazine. As it is, the only fellow Canadian JOC members I know for certain are Messrs. Rodgers & Atkins. I have told them before that they sound like a firm of solicitors, even though they live two thousand kilometres apart!

    Over to you…
    Ray Whitley (#1642, keeping 104/2308 viable these forty years on the RH Coast)

    • Rajmattie Mangroo says:

      Hello Ray,

      Thank you for getting in touch, I have passed your request on to Adam our Area Representative Have you tried reaching out to the area reps in Canada? They are located in Victoria and Ontario. I’ll ask Adam to follow you with you.

      David Rodger
      Phone: +1 905 889 1882

      Robert Atkins

      Many thanks Raj
      JOC IT Officer