The Jensen Owners' Club website including the shop and forum are currently off-line pending a move to a new website. The new website should be live by Monday 19 October.

Following the transition, club and forum members will receive an automatic e-mail from* with the subject heading “Welcome to the Jensen Owners' Club”- if you do not receive this e-mail within 4 days (please check your junk box) of the new website going live on 19 October 2020 please contact me so that I can check your account status. *this address will depend on what you have save it as, My full name is Rajmattie Mangroo, it may show up as JOC_IT Support or RMangroo_JOC_IT Support or Zachary Marshall (the JOC Previous IT Officer). If you do not already have this address in your inbox, please add me so that I am not kicked in to your spam / junk box.

Raj Mangroo, JOC IT Support