Keith Andrews


Wins NEC Classic Car Award


Award of Classic Car Club Personality of the Year (2010).
Keith has been Membership Secretary of the Jensen Owners’ Club for many years, and has done much more for the Club than this title actually conveys. Keith not only knows most of the 1300 plus members, but also has an incredible knowledge of all their cars, and much of the cars’ previous history. This knowledge is freely shared, both with the individual member and also within the Club.

Keith Andrews Award.

He acts as a “technical advisor” for many members and regularly writes impressively informative articles for the Club magazine based on his experiences of maintaining his own cars.
If someone is looking to buy or sell a Jensen of any description, then Keith is often the first port of call, as he always seems to know of a potential purchaser or vendor, and without a moment’s hesitation can reel off the relevant contact details. In short, Keith is an absolute mine of information on all things Jensen. He also acts as one of the “wise men” of the Club, working behind the scenes to ensure that progress is made with minimal fuss.


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